About Us


To be part of an informed community that has access to quality communication and connectivity opportunities.



To deliver greater opportunities for communication, connectivity and cohesion across the shire by creating a sustainable, independent, entertaining, community-owned and run radio station.

Main Goals and Outcomes

To develop long term self sufficiency within five years of start-up.

Connect residents, businesses and visitors by producing programming that is

informational, entertaining, engaging and supportive


Offer a wide range of participation and integration opportunities for the community through

  • ​Training and work experience

  • Developing creativity

  • Programme making

  • Artistic development, and

  • Organisational management


Our Target Audience

There will be something for everyone. Recognition of the diversity of our Shire and offering inclusivity to all who wish to be involved is a fundamental principle of our organisation.

Everyone who supports our vision and purpose is welcome regardless of their race, gender, age, sexuality, physical or intellectual ability, and religion.