Board of Management

Office Bearers

Barry Green - Chairperson


I trained as a radio technician. I was involved with community radio when we were living on Cocos Island and saw what a powerful community building tool it was. Having been a Lions member for over 30 years, I understand the importance of community organisations and believe that the radio service will be valuable to all who want to promote their activities, as well as catering for a wide range of musical interests.

Ian Drummond - Vice Chairperson


I've spent the last 30 years in the music industry, arriving in Donnybrook 3 years ago from NZ via London.

During my years I have listened to many radio stations around the world, and it is a medium that can connect many disparate people living within local communities. It is a new challenge to be involved with a start-up station and I look forward to being on air.

Lynda Anderson - Secretary

I’ve been the Secretary of DB Community Radio since September 2018. With over 5 years of clerical experience, 3 years as a small business owner, 6 years in the Arts, an online business owner and 13 years in community & residential care. My love for music brought me to volunteer for DBCR then to the Secretary role.

Alex Brown - Treasurer


I've been living in Donnybrook since 2008.  I have a great interest in creative arts, and I think a community radio station could be a great tool for local creative talent, so I'm hoping to meet, and work with, many interesting people.  I'm also an actor for the Donnybrook Theatre Troupe, and would like to bring those skills to the radio as a presenter or possibly even an actor in some radio plays.

Committee Members

John Ridgeway


I spent more than 25 years working for the WA State Government, managing projects.  I became involved with the radio station in order to use my experience in developing it from the ground up.  My role is to develop and manage the business plan and then to help establish the radio station as a community organisation based on sound business principles.  With a strong business foundation the radio station will be able to provide a wide range of programmes that meet the interests of our community.

Jackie Cavill

Retired and living in Donnybrook since February 2011, my background is secretarial and computer software training and support. I am a member of the Donnybrook Arts & Crafts Group and the Donnybrook Writers’ Group.  I became interested in Community Radio when living in Perth and volunteered at 990AM 6RPH Radio for the Print Handicapped in Welshpool for 4 years.

Tony Wright

Tony is the main radio presenter and brings professionalism along with his character and 40 years' experience.  He began his career in stations across Europe back in the 1960s and has been announcing, performing and interviewing ever since.


Tony volunteers at the DBCR five hours a day, four days a week. He broadcasts all genres of music and interviews local and international musicians, artists, authors and the occasional sportsperson.